A message from girls to guys

Dear Guys,
We wish you knew the following things about us

Our looks: We girls work very hard to look good. We wax(it is painful), we put on make up and wear dangerous heels just to be the kind of girls you watch on TV. So, when our efforts work, please appreciate us. If they fail, don’t make us realize it because we already know it. Please don’t reject us just because we put on weight. Exercise with us and eat healthy food with us so we can get back in shape. We also like it when you have “limited” body hair. We love smooth skin as much as you do.

Our feelings: We know you are not comfortable with emotions. We girls don’t expect you to be cry babies or emotional fools but please learn to handle our tears. When we cry and are going through a rough phase, listen to us. When we say “listen to us”, we don’t always expect you to solve our problems or give us solutions, we just expect you to be there listen. Listen without judging us, as shoulder to cry on. You don’t always need to make us smile but sometimes we just need you to hold us while we cry our heart out.

We don’t expect you to be mind readers but we do expect you to be more observant and thoughtful. If we are carrying heavy shopping bags, we would love it if you offer to carry them for us. We absolutely love it when you open doors and hold out chairs. Us girls just can’t get enough of well mannered, chivalrous guys!!

Our periods: We know that you guys don’t like to talk about it and you feel awkward about it. But we would be glad if you just had enough knowledge about it and don’t shy away from talking about the P-word whenever the topic comes up. After all, none of us would exist if we didn’t get our periods every month.

Equality: When we girls say we want to be “equal to guys”, we don’t say that we want to go out working while you stay at home and take care of the kitchen and we DO NOT like to emasculate you.

We just need you to respect us, care for us, our opinions and our happiness. Instead of telling us to blindly follow your decision, ask our opinion before making one. We expect you to help us in our work at home and outside it. Do not stop us from following our dreams and being happy because we like to be recognized in the world, as individuals, as much as you do.

Our sexuality: We love sex as much as you guys do but love is important for us. So please cuddle us and hold us after sex for some time instead of falling right away into sleep. Sometimes we enjoy cuddling more than the sex. Kiss our foreheads and eyes as much as you kiss our lips.

It is okay if you finish first, as long as you know how to use your fingers or toys to satisfy us later. Do not worry about your size. We do not love you because of your size unless it’s the size of your heart.


Our relationships: When we date you, we don’t always expect you to love us and marry us from the beginning. Yes, we do think a lot about commitments and marriages but that doesn’t mean we want to cling to you from Day 1. A lot of us are not sure about the future  so don’t take our little advances as if we are trying to bind you to us quickly. We don’t plan out the future. However, we do appreciate if you think about the future too. We would like it if you just thought or wondered about it, though of course not plan it or expect too much too early. When you give the future some thought, it makes us think you are serious about the relationship.

Yes, even in the 21st century, we still like it when you take initiatives and ask us out first. We friendzone you, not because we never had feelings for you but because you failed to show any signs of interest. Please be more assertive if you want to stay out of “The Dreaded Friendzone”.



2 thoughts on “A message from girls to guys

  1. Looks, feelings, equality, sexuality..!! If it brings you on a verge to slap them because of these reasons then they’re just not the person to handle any girl.
    Periods! They’re week in Biology and they need a lesson on reproduction 😀
    In short, they’ll be there for you at your best but will hide and move away when you’re at your worst..!

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  2. It’s not about feeling like slapping your significant other. It’s about the things people do not understand about the opposite sex, and which causes break ups or divorces. This was my attempt to address that.

    You are the first one to comment on this blog by the way. Thanks a lot 😀


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